Monday, December 21, 2015

Winter Solstice, Christmas Full Moon, and A Wish for You

Winter begins tonight but the days lengthen starting tomorrow. I always find that interesting. You wouldn't think that the two concepts should go together. Maybe it's to give us hope at this difficult time of year.

And then on Christmas Day we will enjoy a full moon but not again for another nineteen years. Maybe that's to remind us of the fullness of life at this moment rather than to always look ahead.

So we send our wishes to all for an inspiring Winter Solstice, a joyous Christmas, and a New Year full of happiness, prosperity, and hope. 

From Fleur Creek Farm


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  2. Thank you Pari. Beautiful photo! It's an interesting solstice this year. Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs all have 9 hours, 56 min of daylight. THEN the days get longer. That lets me off the hook. My Solstice fire is going to be Wednesday. :) May the darkness enrich as we celebrate the sun's return! Christina

  3. Thank you Christina. Even more interesting - the full moon, Christmas Day, and the beginning of longer days! Let the Celebration begin.

  4. Lovely and poignant reflections. My winter loving friends and I always celebrate the Solstice with a snowshoe, x-country ski or just a good cup of coffee and chit chat outside. The bonus this year was the Xmas full moon which is now just a slit but still captivating.