Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Shelter from the Storm

What makes a house become a home? I know some people use those terms interchangeably but to me they are very different. 

To me a house is just a structure where people reside but a home is something more.

A home is the place that welcomes you back and wraps its arms around you as you enter. A home is the place that shelters you from the storms, both physical and emotional. A home is the place where you feel more content than any where else. 

On this winter morning as I walk up the path to the front steps, I know that I am at home. And what a wonderful feeling that is.


  1. Hi Don and Pari,
    It gives me great joy to read your thoughts containing your feelings about your home on that gorgeous piece of heaven!. Think of me every time you harvest those lovely Shaggy Mane mushrooms that pop up on the driveway by the creek. Or when you see a wild turkey or porcupine roaming through the meadow. When you anticipate watching the Pleiades meteor showers every August, hope for the kind of magical meteor shower that John and I were blessed with when we saw gold, copper and silver streaks blazing all over the black skies! That night was precipitated with a surprise visit by the biggest brown bear I have ever seen. He emerged into the meadow about 20 yards from us while we were sipping hot chocolate, waiting for the darkness to descend.
    We think of you often, knowing that you and Don are the perfect homesteaders for that beautiful piece of land. Knowing that you could find peace and harmony and wonder each day when you step out your door into the beauty that surrounds you. When you turn around and look at the majestic snow covered peaks behind you, may you find peace in knowing there is a God who cares for you with the same loving care and tenderness that you have for your animals, plants and homestead.

    With aloha,
    Dori Thorngren 2/04/2016

  2. Thank you Dori. We feel so blessed that you allowed us to become the next stewards of this beautiful and very special place. You are always welcome to visit!